En Iniya Pon Nilaave - Moodupani - Tamil song lyrics (with meaning in English)

En iniya pon... nilaavae

Pon nilavil en... kanaavae
ninaivilae pudhu sugam dha dha dha
thodarudhae dhinam dhinam dha dha dha

En iniya pon...

panneeraith thoovum mazhai jillenra kaatrin alai
saerndhaadum innaeramae
en nenjil ennennavoa vannangal aadum nilai
ennaasai unnoaramae
venneela vaanil adhil ennenna maegam
oorgoalam poagum adhan ulladum dhaagam
puriyaadhoa en ennamae

En iniya pon...

ponmaalai naerangalae en inba raagangalae
poovaana koalangalae
then kaatrin inbangalae thaenaadum roajaakkalae
ennenna jaalangalae
kannoadu thoanrum siru kanneeril aadum
kai saerum kaalam adhai en nenjam thaedum
idhudhaanae...en aasaigal

En iniya pon...

This song’s meaning in English:

Oh my sweet golden moon
Oh my dreams in the golden moon
A new bliss in my thoughts dha dha dha 
Continues everyday dha dha dha

Fragrances from pouring rain and cool breeze waves in the wind
both dance together at this moment.
Random colorful thoughts dance in my heart,
with my wishes near you.
Blue white skies with lots of clouds
Thirsts fade away in their processions.
Don’t you understand my thoughts, dear?

Golden evening moments, my happy tunes, the drawings that turned into flowers
The joy in southern winds, honey within roses...amazing magic moments!
A small tear that begins near the eye
My heart craves for the day when we unite.

These are my wishes, dear.

Posted by Arun Sarathy


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